MAVERIX GROUP – the force behind the success and encompassing all aspects of motorcycle safety with the world’s best brands


Nowadays, shopping for products online or conducting sales transactions through e-commerce websites has become an option that greatly facilitates customer convenience, as evident from the sales figures of the online market. Shopping in Thailand is showing a remarkable expansion trend, averaging no less than 40-60% per year. Importantly, not only the “B2C” (Business to Consumer) sector is experiencing growth, but the “B2B” (Business to Business) sector is also adapting its service models to meet the current customer behaviors. One of the latest B2B ventures moving full-scale into e-commerce today is a major brand in the motorcycle industry, the sole distributor and importer of world-class brands from Italy, “Maverix Group Co., Ltd.”


In the motorcycle industry, it is well recognized that Maverix Group is a successful company with extensive experience in the business. It has been an advisor in motorcycle parts that enhance safety in riding and decorative components for more than 10 years. The company has grown from its strength of having an expert team and selecting products that enhance the potential and safety of riding at a premium level, under ISO quality certification that is internationally recognized. This has earned the trust and excellent support from leading customers, both domestically and internationally. Moreover, Maverix Group is a widely known brand among users, including racing motorcycle riders, big bike enthusiasts, and delivery groups.

And in an era where people are increasingly prioritizing safety in motorcycle riding and turning more towards electric motorcycles, Maverix Group has thus begun to aggressively enter the market for motorcycle accessories in this segment, confident in the market’s growth potential. They have opened up online ordering services or e-commerce websites to accommodate the continuously increasing demand from customers.

It is well known that customers and dealers prioritize product quality and attractive promotions from the company, which is an advantage of Maverix Group. They can import premium quality world-class brand products better than the market and are the first in Thailand to do so at prices that dealers (agents and entrepreneurs) can afford and profit from satisfactorily. The products are directly imported from manufacturers, ensuring confidence in product quality and target-friendly pricing, thoroughly inspected. Importantly, the products are designed for convenient use, the same quality used in MotoGP and WorldSBK competitions, designed by engineers with competition planning in mind, helping to control costs and product details directly from the manufacturer, which is a key factor in managing a successful business.

In terms of the logistics system, Maverix has nationwide delivery services with transportation vehicles that are well-managed by dedicated staff, ensuring that the products received are in the best possible quality.

Maverix Group has indeed broadened the options for customers within the entrepreneur and dealer segments by offering expertise and importing world-class premium brand products used in various competitions. They are ready to assist in managing motorcycle modification parts, including being a comprehensive One-Stop-Service center for motorcycle parts. This aligns with the behavior of modern digital-era customers who desire convenience and speed in ordering products, while also wanting assurance that the products received will be of the quality expected.


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