Join as a dealer of motorcycle modification parts


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Apply to become a dealer” to receive special discounts and privileges exclusive to stores only!

Application Conditions:

  1. Registration is free, with no charges.
  2. Applier must have a physical store that can be verified.
Dealer Conditions:
  1. Receive a product display for showcasing upon ordering products through an expert representative, for a period of 6 months.
  2. Promotions according to the quantity of orders for each brand.
  3. No product ordering credit.

Advantages of Being a Dealer with Maverix Group:

  1. Since the company is the first and only one to import motorcycle modification parts from England and Italy, you can be confident that the products are genuine and come with excellent after-sales service.
  2. Ability to claim products if they are damaged under the warranty conditions in the dealer’s contract.
  3. The products are reputable and have been designed by engineers, ensuring quality and facilitating sales to customers.