Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions for using this website, hereinafter referred to as “the Terms,” shall be effective from June 15, 2021, with the details as follows:

Clause 1 Definition

(a) “Website” means a website named maverixgroup and has a website address at www.maverixgroup.co.th which operates and provides services in the following manner

Offering products for sale in the category of decorative motorcycle parts.

(b) “Website owner” is Maverix Group Co., Ltd.

(c) “User” refers to a visitor, user, member of the website, or any other person who accesses the website, regardless of the method, nature, through any device, via any channel of such visit, use, membership, or access, and regardless of whether there is a cost involved or not.

(d) “Personal Data” means any data, whether of the user or any other person, that can be used to identify that individual, whether directly or indirectly.

(e) “Products” means any products offered for sale on the website by the Website Owner.

(f) “Content” refers to text, articles, opinions, analyses, images, symbols, marks, graphic images, photographs, animations, films, sounds, audio recordings, designs, commands, command sets, or communications of any kind and by any means on the website, regardless of whether the content is access-restricted or not.

Clause 2 Permission to use the website

The Website Owner has made the website available for use under these terms and conditions. The User wishes to use the said website and, in doing so, has read and understood the statements and conditions of these terms in detail and has agreed to all the conditions set forth in these terms. Consequently, the Website Owner permits the User to use the website under the conditions of these terms.

Clause 3 Instructions for use

In using the website to achieve the highest efficiency and user experience, the User may use the website according to the guidelines set by the website owner, as follows:

– The User will be able to order motorcycle accessory parts, categorized by the model of the motorcycle they desire.  
– Accumulate points after purchasing products to redeem for discounts or rewards.  
– Contact the technical department for assistance in resolving issues arising from installation or usage.

Clause 4 Prohibited use of the website

Under no circumstances in the use of the website, the User agrees not to use the website, whether directly or indirectly, in any of the following manners:

(a) Engage in any actions that are contrary to the law, court judgments, or orders of the government or any state authority.

(b) Do any act that may be contrary to public order or customs.

(c) Engage in any actions that constitute infringement of intellectual property, copyright, trademarks, patents, rights to publicity, personal rights, and any other rights of the Website Owner or any other person.

(d) Take any action that leads to the collection Disclosing or providing personal information unlawfully.

(e) Do any act that disrupts the operation of the website’s server system, command set, or network system.

Clause 5 User account

In the use of the website, the Website Owner may provide individual user accounts as requested by the users. The Website Owner has the sole right to approve the creation of user accounts, determine the type of user accounts, set access rights for each type of user account, and any costs associated with the user accounts, as well as the duties and responsibilities of the users who own those accounts.

In this regard, the User agrees to strictly keep their username, password, and any other personal information confidential. Furthermore, the User agrees not to permit, and will make the utmost effort to prevent, others from using their user account.

In the event that the User’s account is used by another person, the User agrees and assures that such usage by another person is done as the User’s representative and is binding as if the User themselves had performed the actions.

Clause 6 Collection and use of personal information of users

In using the website The user acknowledges and agrees that Website owner Have the right to store, process, and make use of personal information of users that users provide to the website owner, including personal information as follows:

First name, last name, telephone number, shipping address, and email

The User’s personal information will be used for the following purposes:
To collect customer information in developing products and services and present appropriate advertising to meet customer needs

The User has the right to access, delete, edit, modify, transfer, refuse, and withdraw consent for the storage and use of their personal data provided to the website owner at any time, as long as such actions do not contravene the law or the rights of the Website Owner.

In the event that the Website Owner utilizes the personal data of the User for their benefit, the Website Owner agrees to use such data only to the extent that it does not cause harm, distress, or annoyance to the data owner, and will not disclose such data to external parties in a manner that could identify the user, except when such use and disclosure are required by law or ordered by a government authority.

Clause 7 User testimonials and duties

In the use of the website, the User has the responsibility and assures the website owner that they will make their utmost effort to comply with the duties of the user and the conditions of the terms as follows:

(a) The User has read and fully understood all the statements and conditions of these terms in detail. By accessing, using, or becoming a member of the website, the User agrees to all the terms and conditions set forth in these terms.

(b) The User understands and acknowledges that these terms constitute a binding contract enforceable by law between the Website Owner and the User.

(c) The User shall take all necessary and appropriate actions to ensure that their employees, subcontractors, assistants, consultants, or any representatives (if any) strictly comply with these terms and conditions.

(d) In the event that a third party makes a claim or legal action against the User, or if such a claim or legal action arises from the use of the website, the User will settle the claim at their own expense and responsibility. Furthermore, the User agrees to make every effort to ensure that the Website Owner is not involved in the process of resolving such claims.

(e) If the Website Owner incurs any damages or expenses arising from the user’s use of the website, the User agrees to fully compensate the Website Owner for such damages or expenses.

Clause 8 User Content

In using the website, the User may be able to post their own content on the website, regardless of whether there is restricted access to the content or not. The User agrees to:

(a) Not display content that infringes upon the rights of others, including but not limited to copyright, moral rights, patents, trademark rights, design rights, utility model rights, trade secrets, rights to honor and reputation, rights to personal image, personal rights, and rights to fame.

(b) Not display content that goes against public peace and good morals, supports violence, or involves illegal activities.

(c) Not display any content that is suspicious, vulgar, deceptive, misleading, or suggests actions that could be harmful to other users or lead to illegal activities.

(d) Not display personal or confidential information belonging to others without permission.

(e) Not display false content, regardless of whether such false content causes damage to others or not.

(f) Do not display content that leads to discrimination based on race, origin, nationality, religion, gender, social status, etc.

The website uses a 256-bit SSL encryption system to secure data entry, ensuring the safety of financial information processing for users.

Clause 9 Violation of the terms of the user

In the following cases:

(a) The User violates these terms, the User’s assurances provided in these terms, or any guidelines or practices that the Website Owner has notified the User of, whether generally or specifically.

(b) The User uses the website for illegal purposes or in a manner that disrupts public order and societal peace.

(c) The User engages in any actions that could cause damage to the website, the Website Owner, other users, or external parties.

(d) The User engages in any act that the Website Owner considers inappropriate.

The Website Owner, at their sole discretion, may take the following actions:

(a) Send an official warning letter to the User to correct the said actions or behavior.

(b) Suspend the User’s access to the website for a certain period, which may or may not be specified, without prior notice.

(c) Terminate the User’s rights to use or access the website without prior notice.

In cases where the Website Owner suspends the use or cancels the rights to use or access the website according to these terms, the User acknowledges and agrees that the Website Owner is not liable for any loss, damage, claims, liabilities, or expenses arising from or related to such actions under these terms.

Clause 10 Availability of the website

The User agrees and is aware that the Website Owner may suspend the use of the entire website or a part of it, either temporarily or permanently, without the obligation to compensate for any damages that may occur to the User in the following cases:

(a) Maintenance of tools and equipment necessary to enable the website to be used Including but not limited to Server Maintenance

(b) Improving and developing the command system related to enabling the use of the website, including but not limited to Improving the website’s command set (Update) Improving the system’s command set (Firmware Update)

(c) tools, equipment, or command systems related to enabling the use of the website; Unavailable resulting from tools, equipment, or command systems Regardless of whether the tools, equipment, or instruction set systems are in the possession of the website owner. or any third party

(d) Force Majeure including but not limited to: Electrical system failure Communication system failures, accidents, accidents, fires, natural disasters, strikes. enforcing or changing laws government orders

Clause 11 Reporting problems and behavior

Users may report any issues encountered on the website, including but not limited to website errors, command issues, other users’ behaviors that violate the terms and conditions, or actions that may disturb public order, contradict good morals, support violence, or bother other users, to marketing@maverixgroup.co.th.

Clause 12 Assistance

If users have any questions or inquiries about using the website, they can reach out for information or assistance at marketing@maverixgroup.co.th.

Clause 13 Exemption of Liability

The User agrees and is well aware that no part of these terms, or within the website, whether explicitly or implicitly, will lead the Website Owner to:

(a) guarantee the stability, reliability, accuracy, completeness, effectiveness, suitability for the user’s specific purposes, security, or errors of the website;

(b) Be liable for any damages incurred by the User in the use of the website, including but not limited to damages to equipment, systems used to access the website, or loss of user data or content, rights, and reputation, except in cases where such damages result from intentional acts or gross negligence of the Website Owner.

(c) Be liable for any damages arising from the actions of the user, whether intentional or not.

(d) Be liable for any damages caused by external parties, including but not limited to the actions of unauthorized persons accessing information (hackers) or computer criminals.

Clause 14 Intellectual Property

The User understands and acknowledges that all intellectual property rights, including but not limited to the website owner’s content, copyrights, patents, trademarks, service marks, trade names, or designs, systems, and any work appearing on and used on the website at any time, are the absolute rights of the Website Owner.

The User has the right to use the intellectual property only as revocably and non-transferably permitted by the website owner, solely under the conditions of these terms. At no time does any agreement in these terms, whether explicit or implied, transfer any rights related to such intellectual property to the User, either directly or indirectly.

Clause 15 Maintenance of Confidentiality

In using the website, the User may become privy to or receive information from the Website Owner or other parties for the use of the website under these terms. This information may not have been publicly disclosed or intended for general disclosure at the time it was shared. The User agrees to keep the website owner’s information, whether personal or commercial, confidential, regardless of its value. The user will not disclose, publish, announce, or disseminate it to third parties, except as required by law, orders from government authorities, or with prior written consent from the Website Owner.

Clause 16 Amendments

The Website Owner may amend and modify the terms of this agreement at any time, whether in whole or in part. The Website Owner will notify the user of any changes each time they occur. It is agreed that such amended agreements will also form part of these terms.

Clause 17 Finality of the Terms

These terms constitute the final agreement between both contracting parties. Any prior assurances, understandings, discussions, or negotiations made before the date of these terms that relate to and are in conflict or contradiction with the content of these terms shall be superseded by the text in these terms.

Clause 18 Severability of Terms

If any provision or agreement within these terms is found to be void, incomplete, or unenforceable for any reason, the parties agree that the remaining provisions and agreements in these terms will remain in full force and effect as if the void, incomplete, or unenforceable part were not included in these terms.

Clause 19 Notification

The User agrees that any notices or letters which the Website Owner is required to give to him under these terms will be deemed to have been given. If it is sent to the user by the method specified as follows:

Notify on the website usage page.

Clause 20 Governing Law

These Terms are governed by the laws of Thailand.

Clause 21 Dispute Resolution

If there is a dispute any conflicts occur as a result of this provision or the parties cannot agree, the parties agree to bring the said dispute to court in Thailand.